さて、いよいよ来週末に一年の中でお子さま達も、そしてご家族の皆さまも楽しみにしておられる「表現フェスティバル」が行われます。衣装のご準備はもとより、お子さまの健康管理、体調維持、そして励ましの言葉等、たくさんのご支援ご協力をいただきましたことを心からお礼申し上げます。各クラスでは、物語に親しみ、役になりきって登場人物の気持ちや情景を表現する“劇(オペレッタ・English Play)”と、音楽に親しみ、楽器や身体を使って音楽を表現する“Music Performance”の2つを発表いたします。




The weather outside has become legitimately cold. December, one of the busiest times of the year, is here. In the time from autumn to winter, the flue and other infectious diseases, along with the more recently trending “RS virus”, see a rise in cases. The RS virus is one that infects most children from one to two years of age and produces a fever as well as labored respiration. It resembles the common cold, but left untreated it can lead to things like inner ear infection and continued respiratory issues. If your child’s sickness seems like a cold but you aren’t sure, please take them to the doctor to be safe.
The winter months are colder, which increases the lifespan for viruses. The dry air also allows infectious particles to travel more easily in the air or from person to person. Coughs and sneezes can spread the particles up to two meters from a person. If the hand they use to cover their mouth goes unwashed, it can spread the virus even further. Here at the kindergarten we teach the kids proper coughing etiquette as well as the benefits of using a face mask, gargling, and washing their hands regularly.
This is the time of the year when the event that parents and children alike have been looking forward to, Hyogen Festival, happens. We at the kindergarten want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the effort you as parents put in to preparing costumes, keeping the children healthy, and supporting them with your words of encouragement. Each class will be performing a story in which they all play a part, as well as musical performances featuring various instruments.
Actual practice for the event began from October, but in reality the ideas of “Using one’s body to express various things and ideas” and “Moving and playing instruments in tune with the music” have been instilled in the children since they joined the kindergarten.
Hyogen Festival is not just about memorizing and presenting something. It is about displaying the children’s ability to express what they experience, move in tune with the music, work together with their classmates, and most of all show how they have grown as people.
Also, by going through the event, your child gains some “self-confidence”. The “perform” part of Hyogen Festival doesn’t just mean “to act”, it also means “to accomplish”. As a result they are able to show the results of their hard work both as an individual and within a group to all of the guests in attendance, gaining self-confidence, independence, and becoming livelier in the process.
This time around, the children have given their all to put on an imaginative, fantastic, and moving performance for everyone in attendance. It is the culmination of the year’s efforts. Please enjoy yourself. Even if they cry or make mistakes on the day of the event, every child grown on their path to this event. Please take the chance to congratulate your child on a job well done.