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Today’s Class 4 and Elephant Opening Ceremony 3


Today we were so happy to meet more Elephant Class friends! It was nice to be able to play together and speak English too. The children could say “I’m here,” and “Sticker please”. They seemed so happy to get their sticker books and enjoyed the day. We look forward to seeing everyone back in Elephant Class next Thursday. See you then!
Today was a lot of fun in Class 4! We started the day with playtime on the first floor. This was followed by an English activity learning about how wind effects different habitats. The children loved learning about tornadoes and waterspouts. Next we met a sad Dinosaur who had no teeth. All the children did a very good job of cutting out the teeth and colouring in the Dinosaur. This was followed by a yummy lunch which everyone did a good job of eating and English name writing time. Today the Class 4 children had a lot of fun making different things out of craft. The children are all looking forward to having more fun in Class 4 tomorrow.