Today’s Class 1


Today in Class 1 we traveled through the deep, dark forest to get to Grandmother’s house. We brought her cake, flowers, and a colorful teapot we made. But the big, bad wolf was waiting for us. He was hungry, so we gave him yucky food to make him run away. The wolf was scary, but Class 1 friends were very brave. Then we had a party with Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood. After that, we had to find the first letter of our name on ice cream scoops. Everyone was able to find the correct letter! Afterward, we made a super tall ice cream cone. Once we were finished, we traveled back through the forest. We made a long, colorful snake by matching the correct colors, and practiced our animal impressions. Everyone in Class 1 enjoyed eating their lunchbox during lunch time. They said it was very yummy. Then we played together, and got all of our things ready to take home for the weekend.