Today’s Class 7


Today, we had lots of fun in Class 7! In the morning, we went to Kitakaze Park with our friends in Class 4 and played together. Some friends played tag, rugby, or soccer, while others practiced using their jump ropes. We were also able to practice running in the relay race! Everyone ran so fast and did their best to pass the baton without dropping it. In English Conversation Time, everyone asked their friends about what they ate for breakfast. After the Morning Meeting, we did our English presentations. Everyone came to the front of the class in groups and talked about their animal habitats, showing their friends different habitats such as the jungle, the ocean, the savanna, and the snowy mountains. Everyone listened carefully and spoke in a big, confident voice. We were also able to do our special Senior flag dance in preparation for Physical Festival, as well as the Tone Chimes. Class 7 worked hard writing numbers today, too, telling the time in both English and Japanese and writing carefully. It was a very fun and busy day! Good job, Class 7!