Today’s Class 2


Today was a very hot day, but everyone in Class 2 had a great time. After arriving at IYK, we went to play in Kitakaze Park for a while, but stayed mostly in the shade to keep cool. On the way back, we took turn picking tomatoes from the garden. Back in the classroom, the children examined the difference between green and red tomatoes, and the children decided that soft, red tomatoes would be more yummy than hard, green ones. We played some English games with Class 1, then came back to read the ‘Little Red Hen.’ Then the children helped the Little Red Hen find her wheat and flour by guiding her through a maze. It was lots of fun, and everyone enjoyed participating. We also got to do our first practice for our Physical Festival Junior Dance. Today was packed lunch day, and we also got to eat the tomatoes we picked from the garden! After lunch, we had Discovery Time, and before we knew it, it was time to go home. What a fun day! See you tomorrow!