Today’s Class 2


Everyone in Class 2 had a great day today. It was rainy in the morning, but that meant that we could have more fun inside instead. Many children enjoyed doing the dances from Physical Festival. After cleaning up and a quick morning meeting, we learned about some new sea animals for ECT (starfish, clownfish, and manta). During phonics time, everyone did a wonderful job of matching up lower case letters and upper case letters. We also had a letter from Little Fish, who had a quiz about fish. We then made our own fish by cutting and gluing scales. Everyone did a fantastic job using scissors, as well as showing how to properly pass them to someone. After an early packed lunch, we headed downstairs to see Dr. Tame for the medical check-up. When we got back, we had some Discovery Time and before we knew it, time for the goodbye meeting. What a wonderful day. Have a great weekend!