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December Birthday Party


Today’s Birthday Party was an especially special one! The children were able to say their names and ages in nice big voices and all of the children sung the Happy Birthday song very well. All of the children received letters from Santa Claus yesterday and were expecting him to pay a visit during the birthday party, but we were visited by 2 reindeer. The reindeer told us that Santa Claus had gotten lost in the snow and could not find his way to IYK unless we could sing his favourite songs to guide him to the school. First the Junior children sang ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’, followed by the Intermediate children singing ‘Deck the Halls’, then the Seniors sang ‘Rockin Around the Christmas Tree’. There was still no sign of Santa Claus until all of the children sang and danced to his favourite song, ‘Jingle Bells’. Santa Claus then arrived to give all of the children Christmas presents to say thank you for learning to sing his favourite Christmas songs and to thank the children for all of their hard effort and enthusiasm during their Hyogen Festival performances. Great job everyone.