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Today’s Elephant Class/Today’s Class7


Today’s Elephant Class had a big, fun day together. The children all helped Mr. Monster in our English lesson. He had a “party” with many costumed friends. Some were cute, some were scary, and the children helped get them to the party. The “scary” friends crawled through the “scary tunnel” and “cute” friends went through the “cute tunnel”. The children all did a good job picking one and many could say if it’s cute or scary. We had a yummy school lunch with a special Halloween dessert too. After that, we did a Halloween dance and got another candy for our blackboard. We sand “Happy Birthday” to three girls who turn 3 in October as well. Next time is our Halloween Party. We are looking foward to seeing everyones costumes. Will they be cute or scary? We can’t wait to find out. See you next time!

Today’s Class7
Today in Class 7, we had lots of fun! We continued to make our English dictionaries by thinking of words beginning with V and W, and everyone did their best to write neatly. During our Morning Meeting, we looked for the key for the Haunted House by checking each of the monsters. We also had our English Activity and worked in groups to make bridges across the river. There were lots of great ideas! We used plastic straws, tape, and card to make them as strong as we could, and then tested them by placing heavy objects on top. Everyone asked “Will it break?” and Class 7 were happy to see that all four bridges were able to support the weight! After lunch, the children played lots of fun games together. Some friends even made long, colourful snakes! Good job, everyone!