Today in Class 1


Today was our first class in November, and it was also the first day of snow. We began with a phonics game and english conversation time together. The children now take turns each day as the teacher’s assistant, and the teacher’s assistants run the good morning and goodbye meetings by themselves. Everyone has enjoyed getting to lead in front of the class and speak lots of English. After morning meeting, we made a fox for an origami craft. Folding origami paper is a challenge, but everyone is doing their best. We also practiced for Hyogen Festival. There are many things to prepare, and the children have enjoyed acting out their parts in the play, learning their dance, and the musical performance. We can’t wait to show all the parents our hard work. Before lunch, we went for a walk in the park. It was a little cold, but it was snowing in the morning, so all the children wanted to go out and see. The snow had already melted, but we got to see how the park has changed now that winter is getting closer. We look forward to winter activities, as well as the upcoming Hyogen Festival.