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Today’s Elephant Class/Class 7


In Elephant Class we were looking forward to playing in Kitakaze Park but it was snowy and rainy today. We stayed inside and did our autumn craft instead. The children helped make chestnuts by giving them sticker eyes and drawing mouths. They glued their chestnuts to green paper that looked like the outside of a chestnut. Everyone’s creations were very cute and they looked like 2 chestnuts together in a chestnut house. We continued the day by enjoying lunch. By the time we finished, it was time to go home. Good job everyone and see you Thursday. We hope the weather will be nicer than it was today.

Class 7 had lots of fun today preparing for their Hyogen Festival performance. In the morning, the children practiced performing “The Hungry Giant” on the stage using clear voices and big gestures. During the Morning Meeting, Class 7 were super excited to see the snowy weather. We also did our special Line Dance and practiced with our Tone Chimes. Everyone has been working very hard and all of the children are looking forward to showing their family and friends. After lunch, we also did some Japanese writing practice and had lots of fun making many cool things during Discovery Time. Good job, Class 7!