Immersion Day


Today was Immersion Day. All the children from each of the Immersion classes were mixed together and created new classes with Junior, Intermediate and Senior friends together. After morning meeting time was held each class got into some Christmas phonics and matched Christmas words with the letters of the alphabet. This was followed by English Conversation Time where the children asked each other what they wanted for Christmas. English teachers prepared crafts that related to Christmas and their respective countries. There were Christmas cards from the U.S.A, Snowmen from the U.K and a surfing santa from New Zealand. It was a great opportunity for the children of each class to mingle with each other and learn about other countries. Everyone had a great time and could use a lot of English not only with their English teachers but also with their classmates. Lunch time and playtime was also held together and it was pleasing to see so many happy faces enjoying English! Good job everyone!