Today’s Class 7


Today was lots of fun in Class 7! The children began the day by arriving with big smiles and playing with their friends. Everyone was excited to have our Physical Lesson, during which the children did their best to swing on the iron bars. Following our Morning Meeting, we read a special Christmas book called ‘The Christmas Stockings’. The children used their crayons to draw really nice Christmas pictures of Santa Claus, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Christmas trees and presents. Everyone is looking forward to adding snowy white paint to their pictures tomorrow! After lunch, the children had fun working with their friends to unscramble a number of stories. The pages were mixed up, but the children worked hard and were able to fix them! During Discovery Time, Class 7 made lots of cool things from Lego, clay, and paper. Many children also tried to make very tall towers from plastic straws and paper cups, and then measured them with a tape measure. It was a very fun day, and everyone did such a great job! Well done, Class 7!