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English Speaking Contest


Today was the 19th English Speaking Contest. We were really happy to see all of the children who attended and were very impressed by their English communication abilities. The kindergarten turned into a department store, and the children were invited to the grand opening. Everyone got coupons to buy some items, and the children went around to the Pet Shop, Fruit and Vegetable Shop, and T-shirt Shop. By answering questions and having conversations, the children could get the items they wanted. There was also a listening test where everyone circled answers, colored pictures, and put stickers in the correct place. We heard so much great English today, and we were very pleased with the level of communication. At the end of the event, everyone was a winner! There was also a section for the ESC kids. They spoke to many of the teachers about items they brought from home, and the older children prepared presentations about various topics. It was a very fun event and we enjoyed seeing everyone go home with a smile on their faces.