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Senior English Open Class


For Class 7’s English Open Class, the children received a visit from Mr. Jobs! He needed the children’s help to get his glasses back, and the children did their best to complete a series of challenges. Telling their friends what they wanted to be in the future, directing each other using a map and taxi and working together in groups to fix Mr. Jobs’ favourite book, ‘Fly Us To The Moon’. The children were able to complete all of the challenges today, and Mr. Jobs was so happy to get his glasses back! Well done, Class 7!

For Class 8 and 9’s Open English Classes, the children completed 2 quizzes from Mr. Quiz, a shape and sequence quiz, followed by a challenge to direct their friends through mazes to get all of the Elementary School items. After completing the challenges, the children sung the ‘Z, Y, X song’ before doing a great job spelling 3 letter words together in their teams. Everyone showed great enthusiasm and team work, well done Seniors!