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Junior English Open Class


Class 1 has been learning about festivals and events all over the world in February. We did many activities about Chinese New Year and all the intersting things you can see during the Chinese New Year festival. Everyone had a lot of fun learning about it, and we even made our own dragons and learned how to do a dragon dance! Today, we prepared a festival so Class 1 could celebrate together with Mr. Ox. We made a wonderful display, and showed Mr. Ox how to do the dragon dance. Everyone did a wonderful job, and it was so nice for them to show what they had learned.


Over the last few weeks, Class 2 has been learning about different shapes. We have had lots of fun finding real shapes all over the kindergarten. Recently, the children used shapes to complete different pictures, such as rockets, turtles, flowers, and butterflies. Today, all the shapes that they used for their pictures were mixed up, so we had to ask each other what they need. The children could ask their friends what they needed and help them to get it. Then it was time for Class 2’s picture presentation, where small groups showed their friends what they had made while their friends asked them questions about their pictures and the shapes they used. The children were also able to match upper and lower case letters for the entire alphabet!


Class 3 loves to role-play different kinds of shops, so over the past few weeks they have been having fun opening various different stores. Lately they have had different challenges from Cooking Cat to help him open his own restaurants. Last week they completed the challenge of making their own Juice Shop and choosing what different fruit and vegetables to put inside their juice. Today they had fun opening a Soup Curry shop and adding many different kinds of food toppings to their Soup Curry. Everyone was able to not only be a customer and customize the soup curry they wanted, but also play the shop keeper and ask the what the customer wanted. All of Class 3 did an amazing job speaking English and completing every challenge!