Today’s Class 5

Class 5 had lots of fun today. Today was the last day of our first week, but everyone has settled in nicely. During morning Discovery Time, many friends went to the computer room to use the tablets. The children have been learning how to log in and use QR codes, and have been practicing tracing English letters as they get used to using the tablets. After Morning Meeting, phonics, and ECT, we had an English activity. The children learned about different kinds of baby animals, what sounds they make, and what they are called. We then found lots of eggs with baby animals that the children helped return to their mommies. Class 5 kids also tried hula hoops before doing our first English writing exercise. Soon it was time for packed lunch. And after we cleaned up and brushed our teeth, we just had time for some Discovery Time and a story book before it was time to say goodbye. Have a great weekend, and see you next week!