Today’s Class 5

Today was a very fun day for Class 5. It was only the second day back, but we had lots of fun activities the whole day. After a fun Discovery Time, we had body measurement to see how much everyone has grown over the first term. We then played some fun phonics games with words we learned just yesterday but everyone was using well today. We then put on our caps and went outside to the garden to pick our green peppers. After that we got to see out Intermediate Physical Festival dance and try it for the first time. Everyone had a blast and can’t wait to dance some more. We also squeezed in some English writing. Today was also the day we had our medical check ups, so we had a visit from the doctor to check that we are all healthy. On to packed lunch and a quick story book, then it was time to head home for the weekend. What a great day. See you all on Monday!