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IYK Adventure Quest ~年長組イベント~

Today we had the Senior Adventure Quest at IYK. Earlier in the week, Class 7, 8 and 9 received a letter from Mr. Science, inviting the children to his School of STEAM. Everyone was excited to learn about STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics – and do many cool and interesting experiments. Mr. Science showed the children some of his favourite experiments, and even made a lava lamp from water, oil, and a bath bomb! Then it was time for the children to carry out their own experiments. With Dr. Ian, the children learned about a curious substance called Ooblek, which is runny like water when you touch it slowly, but goes very hard when you touch it quickly. With Dr. Miki, we mixed coloured vinegar with baking soda to make cool pictures, and with Dr. Yasu, we made our very own mazes using straws and other materials. Finally, with Dr. Nao, we made bright and colourful Star Lights and made beautiful patterns in the dark. After our yummy dinner, we were able to go outside to use our Star Lights and listen to one final message from Mr. Science. Everyone passed the School of STEAM and are now cool IYK scientists. Everyone worked very hard and had so much fun! Good job, everyone!