IYK Halloween Party

Today was the IYK Halloween Party! The children arrived in the morning in their cute and cool Halloween costumes, ready to have lots of fun! In the morning, we played together and everyone was super excited to show their costumes to their friends. For the Halloween Party, the Witch came to IYK to make everyone some yummy Halloween treats. But the Witch needed help to find three ingredients for the magic potion. The children searched IYK for the Witch’s friends, Vampire, Black Cat and Mr. Jack-o-lantern, and did a challenge to find the ingredients. The children did a special Halloween dance to help the shy skeleton and bat. They also crept like cats to get the sleeping monster’s teeth. And they did a special Haunted House quiz with Mr. Jack-o-lantern to find the final ingredient. In the Witch’s room, the children put the three ingredients – a spider, an eyeball, and a monster tooth – into the cauldron and helped to make a magic potion! They got yummy Halloween snacks and many cool Halloween presents. Next, it was time for lunch, and the children were very excited to have a special Halloween lunch. It was so yummy! Everyone had so much fun today. Happy Halloween, everyone!