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English Speaking Contest


Today was the English Speaking Contest. We had the kindergarten contest in the morning and the Elementary school contest in the afternoon. A message from Mr Tom: Today I was very impressed with all the children. The level this year was very high. It was wonderful hearing about different items and chatting with everyone. Well done.

Great job everyone, it was wonderful to see such a high standard of English at this years contest and everyone did so well. – Mr. Chris

All the children in the English speaking contest did their best today. They were truly wonderful. I was very impressed by how far they have come. – Mr. Drew

I was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s performance today. The level of English has continued to rise. Great job and congratulations to all who took part. – Mr. Ian

Everyone impressed me with their abilities to speak and communicate in English. It was great to see so many interesting items and it was fun to hear all about them. The children really did an excellent job and they should all be proud of themselves! – Mr. Shay

This contest was very fun and enlightening for me. It was wonderful to have a chance to talk to a lot of kids I don’t normally meet, and have great talks in English with them. I hope to see everyone back next year and have a chance to listen to the ways they have improved! – Mr. Jason

I was very impressed with the level of English and the range of topics everyone could speak about. I hope to see you all next year. Mr.Johnny