Today’s Class 7

Today was a very special day in Class 7! It was Open Lesson, and all of the children were very excited to show their mummy’s and daddy’s what they have been learning this month during English Activities. The children started by singing one of their favourite English songs, Do You Know the Muffin Man? We then helped the Muffin Man’s friends to find their work places by asking questions such as “Who is he/she?” and “Where does he/she work?” The children then used nice, big voices to do their own presentations in front of their friends. Everyone talked about their dream jobs, and gave the time machine lots of power to go into the future. The children also tested their reading ability and worked very hard with their friends to match sentences to pictures of the book Goodbye Germs! We were then able to read the book together in a big, clear voice. Everyone did so well and tried their best, and the children are now preparing for graduation. Good job, Class 7!