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Class 4 and 5 Open Class

Today was the final Mr. Delivery challenge for Class 4. We started off by singing the children of the world song and moved into a phonics challenge. This challenge involved putting puzzles together to spell three letter words. Everyone did a great job at this and could present their words to the class. Class 4 gave this box to Mr. Delivery and received toppings to put on their food to send to other countries who didn’t have food. After all the toppings were put on the food we set up Mr. Delivery’s shipping center to put the food in boxes and send them to other countries. Everyone did a great job speaking to each other and putting the items in the correct countries. Class 4 really enjoyed this topic and were so happy to get a final present box from Mr. Delivery! Well done Class 4!
Class 5 did a wonderful job today doing their Open Class today. The box that held all of the ingredients that we collected to make a worldwide lunch was locked, and the children did a phonics challenge to get the code to open it. But inside the box, Curious George had eaten all the ingredients! To get more, we went to the International Market, and chose new items based on shopping lists we found. Children found the items on their list by identifying what country it comes from and finding the correct flag. Once everyone had their ingredients we put them on the pizza and fruit salad. Children could also find the different countries on the world map. Everyone had a great time and used lots of English today!