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Birthday Party and Elephant Class

Today was the Birthday Party. First, the children who did well at various art contest received their awards. It was pleasing to see so many wonderful pictures and creativity from the children. Next was the February Birthday Party. After counting this months birthday children they could all say their names in a big voice and showed a lot of confidence in front of everyone. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to them and gave them their presents. Next was a musical performance from the Intermediate teachers. They introduced the instruments used today. These included hand bells, a marimba and a saxophone. They performed to a BTS track and finished with a rendition of Happy Birthday. Once again congratulations to this months birthday friends.

Today in Elephant Class the children had a mini performance in front of their parents. They dressed up as cute red, yellow, and blue fish and did so well. They could sing, dance, and play bells together. We were so impressed by the children’s performance and how much they’ve grown over the year. To the parents, thank you so much for coming today and thank you for your support all year!