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Intermediate Open English Day

Intermediate Classes had their English Open lessons today.
Class 4 had a super fun lesson today. So many Moms and Dads came to watch, which made the day even better. The children played an English version of ‘karuta’ and answered questions about what was on each card. After a really close game where both teams tied, we broke into teams of 3 and did some listening and spelling phonics. All the kids could listen carefully and spell out the words that Mr. Ian said. Finally, the children all sang the Sesame Street song for their parents to say thank you.
Classes 5 and 6 also had a lot of fun in their Open English Lesson.
They had the challenge to find shiny shape keys that had been taken away by sneaky sea animals, and needed to say where they were (“Where is the square? Next to the shark!”) After getting all of the keys, they could open a special box, which contained phonics cards, and even a present! Lastly, they gave a great performance of “I’m a Little Teapot!”, singing with all of their heart. Good job everyone!