Today’s Class 1

Class 1 had lots of fun today. We started the day with doing a Phonics Activity. The children posted pictures into the matching letter postbox. After this we had Physical Time where we jumped from a box and crawled through a long tunnel. The children had big smiles on their faces as they emerged from the tunnel. Then Eric the Elephant came to the classroom and gave the children a present of glue. We used this present straight away when finishing our craft for Mothers Day. The children then drew pictures in their sketchbooks. There were some lovely pictures including a rainbow and a dinosaur. For lunch today we had corn soup, bread with jam, a colourful salad, an orange slice and chicken nuggets. The children enjoyed their lunch and there were many clean plates at the end of lunch. Before we knew it the day was over and it was time for the children to go home. Have a good 3 day weekend and we will see you on Monday.