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Immersion Switch Day


For Class 1 and Class 7 we had switch day. Mr Tom went to Class 1 and Mr Chris went to Class 7. In Class after the morning meeting we had an English Activity. First children had to name the countries of different flags. Next they all got balls and had to put them in the right flag boxes. The children did great and it was a lot of fun. After English we had craft time. First children decorated wallets, which they will use for a Junior shopping activity next week. After that they made the birthday present craft. Finally we all enjoyed a yummy lunch and playtime together. Thank you for a great day Class 1! Mr Tom

The Class 7 children had a super fun day today. After our Immersion playtime and exercise it was time for this month’s origami craft. Mr. Johnny helped explain to the children how to fold their paper and everyone did a great job following his instructions. Today’s lunch was very special as it was chosen by the children of Class 7, so it was no surprise that everyone wanted to eat more and more. Switch Day is a great opportunity for the teachers and children to have lots of fun communicating and playing together. Great job Class 7. Mr. Chris