Today’s Class 2

Class 2 had lots of fun today. It was only a short day, but we managed to fit in lots of activities. After enjoying playing with some new toys during Discovery Time, we cleaned up and got ready for our Morning Meeting. All of Class 2 likes to participate and call out the phrases together. We then had some ECT, and the children could ask each other, “What did you eat for breakfast?” We had many answers, like cereal, yoghurt, fish, bread, rice and soup. We also played a phonics game where the children separated words based on their beginning sounds. After that it was time for an English activity. Bingo the dog needed our help to put flowers back in the park. The children turned over leaves to find different flowers, then told the class what they had and stuck them to the park. Once all the flowers were back, Bingo gave the class a present to use in our next English activity. We then sang the BINGO song and before we knew it, it was time to go home! We had a great day. See you tomorrow!