Junior Open Class

Today was the Junior Open Class day. Class 1 had lots of fun having Mummies and Daddies come and watch an English Activity today at IYK. We started by singing the ABC song and then playing a phonics quiz with words beginning with M. After that we then went to Fruit Wonderland and were greeted with a surprise visit from the Fruit Wizard. Class 1 friends have been receiving letters from the Fruit Wizard this month helping us learn about different types of fruit. In today’s activity he showed us his magic fruit machine. Class 1 friends put the fruit they took from the Fruit Wonderland into the fruit machine, said the magic words and then the fruit changed into juice. Once we received our juice we sang the juice song together. Everyone had lots of fun meeting the fruit wizard and did a great job today. We would like to say thank you to the parents who attended today and also for their continued support!

Class 2 had lots of fun showing off their English skills to their Mommies and Daddies. Everyone sang the ABC song together, then called out lots of words that start with the letter ‘J.’ This month Class 2 friends have been learning about many kinds of fruits, and also enjoyed reading the story book, ‘Millie the Millipede.’ We received a letter that Millie was coming to IYK today, but when she got here, she was very sad because she wanted to be a colorful rainbow. We decided to give her some fruit candy that they went shopping for yesterday. All the children were able to ask Millie what she wanted, then ask Mr. Ian for the same flavour candy. Once everyone had a candy, Millie called them up and the children fed her the candies one by one to make her a colorful rainbow. She was so happy, and everyone say together. All of the children did a wonderful job today. We would also like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who joined us today. Thank you for your support!

Class 3 did a terrific job in today’s English Activity! Everyone was excited that their parents would be visiting and could speak the English really well. We began with a short phonics time. The children sang the ABC song and had a review of the letter ‘j’. The children could say the vocabulary very well, and everyone knew what the hidden word was in the game we played! The children had been anticipating Clifford’s arrival for days. They even had a fruit basket ready for him as a special present, but the basket was empty! The children were introduced to Mr. Fruit, a character who sells fruit from his colorful basket. Everyone used the special Mr. Fruit coupons to buy fruit for Clifford’s fruit basket. When Clifford finally appeared, the children could all tell him ‘Here you are!’ Thank you very much to all of the parents who came to support their children by watching the Activity.