Today’s Class 1

Today in Class 1 we had a super fun day. We started the day doing exercise and calming, Class 1 friends are getting better and better at singing the song, doing the dance moves and sitting nicely with their eyes closed. Today we had English Activity and we received a letter from the Fruit Wizard setting the children a sequence challenge. The children were shown a sequence of fruit and then had to complete the sequence by standing in the square of which fruit came next. All Class 1 friends did so well and earned a gold star as a reward. Next we did Line Work, which was writing straight lines between two cups creating string phones and also drawing a line from a balloon to a hand. We then made a string phone and Class 1 friends had lots of fun talking to each other with the string phone. Next it was time for lunch which today was burdock root and beef on rice. It was very yummy and Class 1 friends ate all the lunch very quickly.