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Koala Closing Ceremony & ESC Graduation


Koala Class had their Closing Ceremony today. It was a nice conclusion to a great year. Parents joined the children for the morning meeting, English lesson, and ceremony at the end. In the lesson, the children could have fun picking out big or small colored candy to give to some stuffed friends. The danced and sang in the lesson too. They also had many opportunities to use English in the classroom before and after the lesson. It was a lot of fun and we’ll be sad to end the year. But we’re so impressed and happy to see the children move up and become junior students. Good job, Koala Class and Congratulations!!

The ESC graduation ceremony took place today. ESC strives to encourage and nurture the learning efforts of children. The children who completed the ESC program should feel proud at sticking with learning English for 5 years after they graduated the kindergarten. Each and every one of them has reached a significantly skilled level of English ability. It is a truly amazing achievement for such young and eager learners of English. We are all very proud of their efforts and wish them happiness and success in their future English learning activities. Congratulations to all who graduated.