Today’s Class 7

Today in Class 7 we had a super fun packed first full day back after the holidays! After ‘Body Measurement’ time to check how much we have grown throughout the Summer, we had E.C.T. The children did well discussing their fun adventures during the holiday, “I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house” and “I went to the beach”. We then drew pictures of our favourite memories from our holidays and everyone showed their excellent creative skills. We then got together with Classes 8 and 9 to learn our new flag dance for the Physical Festival in September and everyone was so excited at all of the cool poses and movements! After lunch there was just enough time for English Writing time, before learning about the classes new ‘Friend of the Day’ system. It is great to see everyone back and full of energy after the holidays and ready to have a fantastic second term. Have a great weekend everyone!