Today’s Class 2

We really had a blast in Class 2 today! After everyone arrived, we practiced the Skeleton Dance together, then settled down for the Morning Meeting. Class 2 Teacher’s Assistants really did a great job today. For our English Activity, we received a letter from the Tickle Monster. The Blue Ghost had taken his ears, so Class 2 had to find some bugs for him to give them back. It was lots of fun, and everyone cheered when the Tickle Monster got his ears back. Next, we practiced writing the number 5. And then it was time to practice for Hyogen Festival. Everyone could call out, “We are Cats!” “We are Ducks!” in a nice big voice. Soon it was time for lunch, and some playtime. After an emergency drill, we cleaned up and got ready for tomorrow’s Immersion Day. See you tomorrow, everyone!