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Immersion Day Part 1

Today we had a special, Christmas Immersion Day. The children all met for Exercise & Calming Time together and separated into their teams for the day, with the Juniors, Intermediates and Senior friends all being mixed together. Everyone then went to their classrooms for the day with their new teachers. We checked attendance and introduced ourselves to all our new classmates, then had a special Christmas phonics activity. There were 2 special Christmas crafts to be made today, with 3 classes making angels and 4 classes making Christmas trees. Everyone listened so carefully to the craft instructions and worked well together to complete their crafts. It was fantastic to see the older friends helping their younger classmates. On Wednesday we will have Part 2 of the Immersion Day and the children will get the chance to create the other craft. Tremendous job everyone and the teachers are looking forward to having more fun together next week!