Today in Class 1

We hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing winter holiday. It has been very nice to see everyone’s smiles again. We had a very busy day starting off by measuring everyone’s weight and height. Then we had our first English activity of the term. Today we learnt about all the different things that make a snowman, then we made our own snowmen for the classroom. All the children did a great job working together to make their snowmen in their groups. After that we did our first Japanese writing worksheet, we started off by writing shi and tsu. Everyone did a great job writing their first Hiragana characters. We then coloured little card shapes to decorate the birthday card for Class 1 friends who have birthdays in January. Finally, we had a lovely game of dodgeball before getting ready to eat lunch together. Today was a very busy day but we all had lots of fun, we look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday.