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English Speaking Contest

 Today was the English Speaking Contest at IYK. We had a great time talking with so many friends in English today. In the morning was the kindergarten level. The children got to go to three different shops and try making many things. In the Cake shop, they decorated cakes. In the Aquarium shop, they put various sea creatures in a tank. And in the Clothes shop, they chose different clothes to talk about. The English teachers asked everyone questions about what they made and there was so much great English spoken today. We were very impressed! There was also a live listening section where children answered questions based on sentences they heard. In the afternoon was the ESC level section. Students brought items from home to talk about, and have conversations with the English teachers. We talked about many things and were blown away with the level of everyone’s speaking abilities. Today’s winners received medals, but everyone did such a fantastic job. Thank you to everyone for coming today, and keep having fun speaking English!