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Intermediate English Open Class

Today was the Final World Ranger Challenge for Class 4. The children have done a great job over the past few weeks learning about different countries and gathering keys. We started the final challenge by singing a song about greetings around the world. This was followed by a review of all the countries we have covered and what things can be found in each country. Class 4 received a final challenge from the world rangers asking the children to get items from the world shop, fly them around the world and put them back in the right countries. It was great to see all the children holding a conversation in English. Class 4 did a great job to get the key by completing the challenge but there was one more key to get through a phonics challenge. Class 4 successfully spelled all the words and got the final key to open the world ranger box. Well done Class 4 and thank you to all the parents who attended today’s open class!

Today Class 5 completed their final challenge from the World Rangers! Class 5 has done incredibly well this month, learning all about the different foods, animals, clothes and landmarks of several countries from around the world. Having managed to complete the challenges given to them by the World Rangers, they were awarded three keys over the past few weeks. Today, Class 5 managed to complete the final challenge: matching items from around the world, with the silhouette. After this, they were rewarded with another key! However, they still needed one more key in order to open the shiny World Ranger box. Luckily, Class 5 worked together in their teams to complete one more phonics challenge. By spelling the words correctly, they were able to receive the final key. After opening the World Ranger box, everyone was rewarded with a World Ranger medal. Congratulations Class 5 and thank you to all the parents that came today to watch and show their support. Thank you!

Today was a lot of fun for Class 6! Today was a very special day when Mommies and Daddies could come to watch our lesson, and everyone did a great job. The children have been receiving letters from Mr. Chef and making different foods together, such as pizza and sandwiches. Today they could make hamburgers. In order to get their hamburger tickets, the children did a phonics challenge, then went over to the hamburger shop. Children asked each other, “What do you want?” to get different parts of their hamburgers. Everyone took turns being shop staff and being customers. After enjoying their tasty burgers, Mr. Chef gave everyone special rainbow hamburger stickers for their medals. Finally, Class 6 friends sang, ‘The More We Sing Together’ for their parents. We are very happy that the children had fun using English today. Good job to everyone in Class 6!