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Junior English Open Class

Class 1 had lots of fun today with their special English Activity open lesson. Throughout February we have been learning about different countries that we have previously learnt about through World Lunch. We learnt about the food, landmarks and the animals from these countries. After learning about these animals we then made a zoo and today we returned the animals to their home countries so they could be with their Mommies and Daddies. Class 1 did so well using big voices and singing the songs so nicely and could use English with their friends. Well done everyone! We would also like to say a thank you to all the parents for their support of Class 1 over the course of the year and thank you to everyone that came today.

Class 2 had a fantastic day today. Today was a very special lesson that Mommies and Daddies could come and see. This month we have been learning all about different animals from around the world and also what kinds of food they eat. Class 2 has been hard at work making their Zoo to show the Zookeeper and their parents. Everything was ready, but the animals ran away! It was up to Class 2 friends to identify where the animals are from, as well as what they eat, get them and put them back in the zoo. Everyone used nice big voices to answer their friends, and also to call out lots of words during phonics time. We all had fun getting the animals back and showing them to the parents. Class 2 could then also sing the Animals are Big song and name 16 different animals! Great job everyone! We would also like to say a big thank you to all of the parents for all of their help and support over the year. Thank you for coming today, and supporting your children.

Class 3 had so much fun today in their Open English Class. Everyone was super excited that their mommys and daddys were coming to IYK to watch them. First, we had Phonics Time. Some friends put back the missing ABC lower-case apple cards beside the correct upper-case letters. For the English Activity, we practiced speaking animals and habitats in English. The animals in Mr. Zookeeper’s Zoo became sad because they wanted to go home to the arctic, river, and jungle. Class 3 friends did a great job taking the animals on the fun zoo train to their homes in the wild. Everyone did a great job participating and speaking the English phrases! We appreciate all the parents who came to watch Class 3’s Open English Class today. Thank you for your support!