Immersion Day

In the Immersion Classes today, we had a super fun-filled activity called “Immersion Day.” Classes 1,2,3,4,5,7, and 8 mixed into several groups and spent the day together. After the children arrived at IYK, they had Discovery Time together. Next, they had the Morning Meeting and put on their snow wear to go to Kitakaze Park. At the park, they had Exercise Time in the snow. Everyone had so much fun doing the moves outside on the snow! After they warmed their bodies up, they did two really fun winter games. Game 1 was a Corner Quiz Game. The children had to listen to the English teacher describe a certain animal, sport, or country related to winter. The children did an excellent job at listening to the English description and going to the right corner while saying, “We think it’s…” Game 2 was the Polar Bear Game. In this game, the children asked the English Teachers who acted as polar bears: “Polar bear, polar bear, may I cross the ice?” The children then had to cross to the other side without getting caught by the polar bears. After heading back to IYK, the children ate their lunch in the same group. The children had so much fun immersing themselves in English with other class friends and English teachers.