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Elephant Class Closing Ceremony/March Birthday Party

The Elephant Class children had their Closing Ceremony today. They showed their parents their morning meeting and danced along to “Under the Sea” with bells and cute headbands. We had many cute sea turtles, crabs, octopuses, and jellyfish! Some children were nervous but they did their best and we saw so many smiles. After that the parents joined the children and we had a quick English activity together.

Today was the birthday party for IYK friends born in March. Before we began, there were many awards that were given out for outstanding artwork that the children had drawn. Congratulations to everyone who received one. Next, the birthday children came out, and used big voices to say their names and how old they were. After singing Happy Birthday and receiving their birthday presents, the English teachers put on a play about the story book, ‘The Gruffallo.’ Everyone had a good time. Happy Birthday to all of the March birthday friends!