Today’s Class 8

Today in Class 8 we started the day by practicing for our Graduation Ceremony. We want to be able to sing and do everything perfectly for Sunday, so we tried many times! We are now ready for the rehearsal tomorrow. After that, we had a Farewell Party with the Intermediate and Junior friends. We played some games with them, and it was so much fun to play with the different classes. We could do some super long trains! They gave us a nice surprise at the end of the party. They were beautiful flowers that they made for us. What a great present! Then back in Class 8, we had our last school lunch. It was very yummy. There was a lot of food and drinks, so everyone was happy! Tomorrow is the last day at IYK for Class 8 and all the seniors. Everyone is a little bit sad to leave but also very happy to soon go to Elementary school. We are very excited for the Graduation Ceremony on Sunday!