Today’s Class 6

Today was so busy in class 6! We practiced tying a bow and then we sang the color song. We started to learn the Hot Cross Buns song too. After the songs, we talked about how we feel during English Conversation Time. Today Class 6 friends asked and answered the questions very fast! Masami-Sensei surprised us with a class Birthday Present activity and we learned about the Birthday Board. In Junior classes we used coupy pens, but in intermediate, We decorated the happy birthday candies with markers. Class 6 was so good at using and putting away the markers. Our candies looked so cute and cool! Later we reviewed 50 Hiragana. Class 6 could identify the Hiragana very quickly and correctly. We reviewed the English letters C and D together with loud voices. Finally it was time for lunch, so we took out our lunch mats and started eating. This week we are trying to finish our food so we can play with many friends during Discovery Time. Today was a half day, so we finished the day with the afternoon exercise and had calming time. Before we knew it, it was time to go home. That’s all for today. See you tomorrow!