Today’s Class 4

Today was a lot of fun in Class 4. First we had a check up at the dentist. It was great to see all the children not being afraid to get a dental examination. After we returned we did nursery rhyme and song time and this was followed by tying a ribbon. Recently we have been talking about breakfast in Class 4 and the children are getting very good at asking the question “What did you eat for breakfast?”. After English Conversation Time we did craft time. This involved learning about the rainy season in Japan and making an umbrella. First we chose a colour for the umbrella and we cut it out of card. Next, we stuck down the umbrella on paper. Tomorrow we will use our crayons to colour in the umbrella and draw pictures around it. Class 4 really enjoyed eating udon today and had a great lunch time. This was followed by phonics time where we played a dice game with the letter “g”. Well done Class 4!