Today’s Class 8

Today was a very busy day and a lot of fun in Class 8! After our morning meeting, we reviewed some phonics targets with words containing “at” in them like “cat”, “bat” and “hat”. Then, we learned about healthy and unhealthy food during our English Activity and we now know which food is healthy and good for our body. We could also sort the food into their correct food groups. It was a little difficult, but everyone had fun moving the items using the tablet. After the activity, we cut different shapes and then glued them on a colorful paper. We can’t wait to add some color and draw a beautiful picture. After eating our yummy school lunch, we went to Kitakaze Park with Class 9. The weather was really great, and we enjoyed playing outside with everyone. We looked for bugs, for flowers and we ran a lot too! Good job today Class 8! See you all tomorrow!