Today’s Class 4


Today in Class 4 we had a fun filled day. We had a fun time playing in the morning first in Class 4 and then downstairs with Class 7. After playtime we had an energy filled exercise with Class 7. It is always nice to exercise with our immersion friends. All the children used big voices and lots of gestures. It was great nearing them sing along to the music. We had a class Morning Meeting and after that we had the first swimming lesson of the year. The children had a great time and did their best. After swimming we had lunch. The children really loved the chicken rice and soup. They came up for lots of seconds. After lunch Mr Phonics came to the class to play an ABC game. Please ask your child about Mr Phonics. Finally after listening to Eriko sensei read a book about carrots the class received carrot seeds from Mimi chan to plant in the school garden tomorrow! The children smiled a lot and it was a wonderful day.