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Intermediate Open Class

Class 4: Today was the final Buzzy Bee New Zealand challenge for Class 4. After warming-up with some nursery rhymes and songs the children tried to complete the mission. We went to New Zealand and tried bungee jumping, walking over Taniwhas and the sky tower. The children also listened to the unique sounds of New Zealand animals to get the answer to the quiz and get a golden ball to put into the New Zealand box. However, there was one ball missing at the end! This was taken by the ABC Alligator. Everyone did a good job at thinking of words that starts with different letters. Class 4 got the final golden ball and were so happy to dance to do the kiwi! Well done Class 4 and thank you to all the parents and family members that watched today!

Class 5: Today we had our last challenge from Jungle Jim! We first sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star with a beautiful and strong English voice and then moved on to our main activity. We helped Jungle Jim’s hungry animal friends gather and eat food from the jungle. However, the jungle was home to some dangerous things – so Class 5 had to transform into jungle animals first. This was so much fun and also gave Class 5 children an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of jungles and jungle animals, as well as demonstrate their English abilities. Once we helped the hungry animal friends, the children participated in Mr. Jeff’s Phonics Challenge. Class 5 showcased how many words they know for different letters of the alphabet and helped to count all of the words they had thought of at the end. After the children had completed the challenge, they were awarded with a crown for their animal headband and we all danced to the ‘Do The Animal’ song. Today was so much fun, thank you Class 5 for trying your best and thank you to the parents for attending and watching today’s Open Class!

Class 6: Today Food Master needed our help to feed his animal friends. We started with a nursery rhyme and then the children took turns asking and answering questions about what they could do during English Conversation Time. Friends in Class 6 were able to choose the correct starting letter for the Animal Phonics. Next, Food Master came to visit and brought lots of fruits, vegetables, meat, and animal friends. We could match the food correctly, but then we played musical chairs and we got random cards! It was challenging, but Class 6 friends matched the food with the animals and it was so fun! After we showed Food Master and the animal friends our “Do The Animal” song and dance. We ended the class with the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” song. Everyone was smiling and happy. You did it Class 6! Thank you parents for coming to see us today!