Junior Open Class

Today Class 1 went to Gabby the Ghost’s party! We warmed up by doing phonics. Class 1 was able to say, “J-J j-j-j” in a big voice and then remembered all four of the words that started with J! Then we got a letter from Gabby telling us to come to her party! We jumped, hopped, swam and stomped over many obstacles and finally made it to Gabby’s house on the top of the mountain. When we got there Gabby asked us to feed her friends many yummy fruits! Class 1 found hidden fruits, stood in the English rings and said “I got a ____!” in big voices before feeding them to Gabby’s friends. Then we said the magic words “Fruit Magic Go!” and Gabby’s friends changed color! Finally, we did the dance “Do the Monkey” and said “See you!” to Gabby! Good job Class 1 and thank you parents for coming to watch!

Class 2 had lots of fun today. It was our Open Lesson, and everyone was excited to see their Mommies and Daddies come to IYK. Today was the day of the Chameleon Party, and Candice Chameleon brought some friends with her, but they were all very hungry for fruit candy. Luckily, Class 2 had some candies they had made, and we could give them to the chameleons. After choosing a candy, the children could tell the class, “I got a ____ candy!” As the chameleons ate more candy, they changed colors! Finally, it was time for the party and we all danced together. Thank you to all of the parents for coming today to see their children. We really appreciate all of your support every day. Great job, Class 2!

Class 3 friends were so happy to see their Mommies or Daddies come to IYK and watch their Open Class today. Everyone used a big voice and participated with lots of energy because their Mommies or Daddies were watching! In today’s English Activity, a letter came from Mommy Monkey asking for help decorating the birthday cake with fruit. Everyone was challenged to cross the river to the fruit shop and buy some yummy fruit for the Five Little Monkeys’ birthday cake! Everyone did a great job speaking the English phrases and shopping for fruit. The Five Little Monkeys were so happy to eat yummy cake with fruit for their birthday! At the end, everyone had a blast dancing to “Do the Monkey!”