Today’s Class 3

IYK friends today enjoyed the “Immersion Fun Games Day.” Class 3 had lots of fun speaking English while playing three different games with friends from other classes and other teachers. The Senior friends did a great job at helping the Class 3 friends they were paired with! The three games were “Animal Corner Quiz,” “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?” and “Feed the Animals.” In the “Animal Corner Quiz,” everyone had listened to English hints describing a certain animal and guessed which animal was being described. “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?” is a classic game where children can practice listening to English instructions. The children walked a certain number of steps, slowly getting closer to Mr. Wolf. When Mr. Wolf said, “dinner time!” the children all had to sit nicely to avoid being eaten. “Feed the Animals” was a phonics game using four animals: a bear, a cat, a dog, and an elephant. The children had to feed the hungry animals with balls while matching the letters on the balls with the animal having the same starting sound. Class 3 friends did a great job in today’s Immersion Fun Games Day.