Today’s Class5

Today was full of fun and excitement for Class 5! We started the day by doing a ‘Super Clean Up’ of the classroom and making sure our learning environment is ready for the summer vacation. Everyone worked very hard to make sure that the tables, chairs, floor and storage spaces were sparkling clean. Everyone is so talented at cleaning! Once we had finished cleaning, we moved on to English Writing. Today we finished the alphabet by completing our Y and Z worksheets – Class 5 were so excited to receive the final ABC gems from our English Writing character. After we finished English Writing, we moved on to lunchtime and cooking. Class 5 had the opportunity to create their own sweet and salty snacks by combining crackers with strawberry jam and sprinkles, for decoration. It was a lot of fun to watch everyone creating their own original ideas and enjoying their delicious snacks. Well done today Class 5, see you tomorrow!