Today’s Class 3

Class 3 had lots of fun today inside even through the bad weather outside. We did our number worksheets today, and everyone tried very hard to write neatly and carefully. Today, Class 3 learned how to write the number 2. Class 3 also learned how to play a new game before lunch time. We played a game called, “duck, duck, goose.” The children picked up the game quickly and enthusiastically shouted out “duck” or “goose” as they touched other friend’s heads while walking around the circle. Everyone tried to run really hard to sit down in time too! For today’s Phonics Time, we reviewed “v” and “w.” A few children stood with their hands behind their backs and received one phonics flashcard; the children then presented the sound and vocabulary on the card to the rest of the class. Today was another fun day for Class 3.