Today’s Class 5

We had a fun-filled day in Class 5 today! We completed so many activities, whilst also practicing for upcoming events – the children are all having so much fun and also making a lot of progress. The first activity for the day was Japanese writing. It is so impressive how much the children have improved since the beginning of the year, now requiring little help with their worksheets and developing a strong understanding for writing. After Japanese writing, we gathered with the other Intermediate classes and all classes watched one another perform the Intermediate Physical Festival dance. Class 5 loves dancing and practicing for the Physical Festival – they learn the moves so quickly and are able to perform well together, whilst helping one another. Our final activity for the day was Handbell practice. The children are doing so well and improve each time we practice our handbell routine. They have a good sense of rhythm and understand how to perform together as a team. It’s amazing to watch the children improve at everything they do! Thank you for a great day today Class 5 and see you tomorrow!